Family of Communities

The basic building block is the individual disciple. The purpose of the larger Community and Family of Communities is to aid each individual disciple live out their Purpose through our Values to achieve our common Mission

The Simple Organic Christian Community, usually around 5-15 adults, serves as a nuclear family that cares for each other and shares life together. Spiritual growth and discipleship is fostered through prayer, Scripture memory, focused exploration and application while reading through Scripture, and shared facilitation of the Disciples Bible Study. There are generally two types of groups: 1) an affinity based group which forms around a common mission/ministry or friend/family group and, 2) a geographically based group within a particular neighborhood or city/region. Each disciple is empowered and equipped to eventually launch their own “nuclear family”  group while remaining connected to their “family of origin.” Each group is also urged to facilitate new Communities, both domestic and foreign. 

“Family Reunions” among the Communities occur every 1-3 months to maintain unity and connection between the microchurch and the macrochurch. The focus of these reunions is primarily on gaining cross-group interaction, large group worship experiences, and extended teaching/training opportunities (training resources). Cooperation and other interaction between groups occurs as often as needed. 

Disciples Bible Study

Charleston, SC area
This Community is an online Community and is  available to anyone regardless of location. We use the Disciples Bible Study format from which we take our name. This is an ideal group to start in if you are considering launching a Community in your local area. Give Mitch a call (828-424-3773) or e-mail for more information (

Moss Grove Fellowship

Moncks Corner, SC
This community is primarily focused on ministry within the large neighborhood of Moss Grove Plantation (Moncks Corner). Those from outside the neighborhood are welcome, especially to serve as a catalyst for launching new communities within other large developments in the Charleston area. 

NEXT Community

Will you be the one that plants the NEXT Community? Your neighborhood, community, city, friends, family? Listen to God’s voice about this.