Training Resources

During our “Reunions,” one of our objectives is to provide training in ministry, missions, theology, and scripture exposition.  Included here are a few resources for free, quality level training in diverse topics of interest. While these would be great resources for everyone, it is more likely they will be used by those planning to teach shorter live seminars as training and preparation for themselves. They can then condense the material into smaller segments of 2-3 hours each and present over 1-3 training gatherings. 

“The discerning person acquires knowledge, and the wise person seeks knowledge.” Proverbs 18:15 NET

Core Seminars
(offered live and/or on-demand)

History and Values of the Restoration Movement

Briefly exploring the history and contributions of the Restoration Movement. Overview of some of the benefits of our affiliation such as periodicals, conferences, camps, colleges, etc..

Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Presentation and application of understanding the principles of biblical interpretation from a literal-grammatical-historical frame of reference. 

Practical application of an evangelism tool called Two Ways To Live. Designed to give a large overview of the main story of Christianity for the unchurched. Follow the link in the Title to access this video training. NOTE: log in with email and password Network1!

Exploring RFN Beliefs

Looking in more depth at our Statement of Beliefs including why we believe this is biblically supported as well as alternative beliefs. Understanding the difference between Essential beliefs, Important beliefs, and Other beliefs. 

Old Testament Overview

General overview of the big themes of the Old Testament including the chosen people, covenants, Israel’s shortcomings, types, and Messianic expectations. 

New Testament Overview

General overview of the big themes of the New Testament including God’s plan for reconciliation, salvation, the church, and Jesus, God’s Anointed One. 

Discipling Our Children

Exploring our responsibility to disciple our children and practical helps for doing this. Use of various resources such as the Parent Cue app and Sunday at Home Video modules as well as the resources available from Life.Church.

On the job training in a microchurch and help in reaching your sphere of influence to launch another gathering. Exploring the elements of the first four gatherings to start off on the right foot. 

Those completing all eight CORE seminars will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Elective Seminars

Variety of additional seminars based on need/desire and instructor availability.

Approximately 15 minutes. On Demand.

 This micro-course will orient you on how to use the Disciples Bible Study Journal.